Mobile Application Review Classifier (MARC)

MARC 3.0 is the third release of our Mobile Application Review Classifier (MARC). MARC 3.0 provides functionality for automatically classifying and summarizing user reviews on mobile application stores. The new release delivers an enhanced data classification engine along with a new GUI.

  1. Automatic classification of user reviews into fine grained software maintainence requests, including bug reports and feature requests.
  2. Generation of concise and comprehensive summaries of user reviews using algorithms such as Hybrid TF, Hybrid TFIDF, SumBasic, and LexRank.
  3. Extraction of Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs) from user reviews. The reviews are classified into 4 major NFR classes, including Dependability, Performance, Supportability and Usability.
3-20-2018 MARC 3.0
8-20-2017 MARC 2.0
2-20-2017 MARC 1.0